Chimney Choir

David Rynhart drew from a diverse pool of influences, including folk, blues and Eastern European music, on his excellent solo effort, By the Hollow Tree. He also founded the traditional Irish quartet Bodha. Kevin Larkin, one of Rynhart's bandmates in Chimney Choir, released music under the Pineross moniker, which fused Irish, Spanish and American Western music. So it's no surprise, given their affinity for all types of music, that these two multi-instrumentalists and vocalists (along with the equally talented Kris Drickey) would do something quite special. With impressive harmonies and acoustic instruments throughout the disc, Chimney Choir creates music that at times sounds like decades-old backwoods folk ("Goin' Down South") and conjures early Harry Nilsson ("Come What May") at others. There are just five songs on this debut EP, and they're all keepers.


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