Chingaso hits Bender's Tavern on May 5

"Chingaso" could mean a couple of things: a heavy blow that comes from life or from an enemy, or a dismissive insult related to being the embodiment of a big phallus. Whatever the case, the name fits this band, whose image is definitely full of attitude and whose sound fits all of those meanings. With bandmembers named "Chancho," "the Dutch" and "Stephanie Bastard," maybe Chingaso (due Saturday, May 5, at Bender's Tavern) is going for that later-era-Suicidal Tendencies vatos locos mythology. But its music is born of the sludgy pool of stoner rock and psychedelic metal that came through Denver like a wave ten years ago and fortunately evolved into something with more teeth. The result? A band that isn't short on bite.


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