Chromeo interview: 'We're funny guys'

The black SUV with the "Ecstasy" vanity plate pulled up to the back-stage entrance of Westword Music Showcase on Saturday, and out stepped the driver, who looked fully dressed to attend an '80s prom. He was suited appropriately for his passengers: Chromeo, the funk duo that pays homage to the sounds of the '80s better than most groups today. The two members of Chromeo couldn't look more different, save for their identical Ray Ban sunglasses: Dave 1, a tall, leather-clad, lanky guitar player, and P-Thugg, the short, bearded keyboardist donning military fatigues.

The duo were gracious enough to do a brief interview while Del the Funky Homosapien and his band were on-stage. In the video below, they talk about playing festivals, the importance of humor in their music, how Denver goes crazy, why they still do music videos, their favorite 2Pac songs and what they do in their down time.

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