Chronophonic, a talented collective composed mainly of music majors from a variety of local academies, is living proof that Denver does have vital, contemporary-jazz-influenced music. The band colors outside the box on its debut, incorporating funk, world rhythms, hip-hop beats and soul-soaked vocals. Edging toward the acid-jazz tag on these ten original tracks, Chronophonic forges a sound that meanders pleasantly between the various genres, nodding to the grooves of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, Primus and even Radiohead. The group, which has shared stages along the Front Range with acts such as Vinyl, Granola and Funk Express, has a penchant for making baby-smooth transitions between moods and idioms that keep you guessing. From the ambitiously far-ranging "Chronophonic Anthem" to the rump-thumping "Shake Yo' Ass," from the ethereal and lyrically intelligent "Daystar" to the Barney Miller-theme-inspired dirty funk of "Don't Stop," the sands keep shifting beneath your quaking feet. Scintillating keys, bright horns, funky bass, quirky Scofield-esque guitar lines and skit-scat drumming that stops and starts on a dime define Chronophonic's multifarious sounds. The release also features the work of international trumpeter/virtuoso Ron Miles, giving the mix an extra silky layer.


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