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Have a predilection for things that go bump in the night? The Denver Dark Arts Festival will gather them for you on Saturday, May 18, in a daylong celebration that begins at noon and continues until well past the witching hour. The goth-centric entertainment, which will spread from Cafe Netherworld to Club Onyx, includes shows by ten bands and more than twenty DJs and performance artists, as well as fashion shows and other fiendish diversions. One ghoulish treasure is the multi-talented DJ Skot (pictured). As a drummer, Skot has opened for the likes of OhGr and Crash Worship; as a remixer, he's done cuts for the German artist Wave in Head. But when Skot appears during the Dark Arts Festival, his skills as a turntablist who fuses industrial with electro, IBM and dark trance will be most prominently on display. Skot will perform at the Dark Arts Festival in a solo set and with the band Dark Orchid. See for more info.


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