Club Scout

Night owls, unite: Enigma Afterhours opens at 1 a.m., Thursdays through Sundays -- a schedule that helps you stave off reality for a little while longer, three times a week. Every Thursday night, the LoDo hotspot hosts Savor Ladies Latenight, with a half-price cover for vixen partygoers. Hipp-E, a Denver native turned worldwide spinmaster, is your guide through the darkness on June 20. Now a resident of San Diego, Hipp-E's passport reflects his past performances in exotic locations from Amsterdam to Croatia. While his resumé includes work as an A&R rep for Tango Recordings and production jobs for a smattering of labels and artists, Hipp-E has garnered the most attention for his smooth turntable style and ear-candy mixes. Let him pilot the groove while you linger in clubland.


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