Club Scout

Make this your week to break out of the ordinary by heading to 'Round Midnight on Thursday, September 5. The club's Hip-Hop Showcase will feature a crew that not only is busting out of Boulder, but is also releasing discs and touring in Japan. The night will be ruled by Anomie, Exam, and the Dragons of Edin (pictured together), four down-to-earth guys who incorporate some Japanese lyrics and even layers of flute into their scratchin' and rhymin'. The groups' beat-boxin' is fly, and each performer has a reputation for stirring wild stage antics into piercing poetry and chunky grooves. Get there early: Besides being spared the cover charge, you'll have a chance to mingle with the MCs and spinners before the show. Maybe they'll teach you to say something in Japanese beyond "Domo arigato."


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