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Let's get ready to rumble. The best new local MCs and DJs duke it out this Friday, November 8, at Boulder's Root of the Hill, as part of the fifth-annual Kombat. While most of the spinners hail from the jungle realm, drum and bass and breakdown will also be represented, as reigning champs DJ Jonathan and MC Einstein try to hold the floor -- and their titles. To further fill your head with happiness, Kombat also features performances by Rinse & Flux, plus DJs Ecco and Sabotage, junglists known for dropping their own original tracks. Five Points-based Urban Aboriginee hosts the tête-de-tête; the crew's champion, MC Dino, presides over the battle. (See page 97 for a review of Urban Aboriginee's Body.) So many DJs, MCs and beats -- you may never go home again.


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