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Forget Snap and Crackle, because Pop has gone Sonic, thanks to the hip folks at Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art. The monthly avant-garde series continues this Thursday, November 21, with electronic-music innovator devslashnull performing among the Warhols and Murakamis on display as part of POPJack, the MCA's current exhibition. A Baltimore native now living in Boulder, Null solders custom data visualizations to his techno-turbulent tracks, producing an auditory experience that's also an eyeful. With a background in VJing, an ear for arrangements and an unrefined, punk-like approach, devslashnull has earned a place at the International Symposium on Electronic Art, as well as coverage in Wired magazine. Null's upcoming release, Poppy, showcases his academic advances in audio production, ignoring genre borders while exhibiting the promise of post-digital pop culture. The co-founder of and a valuable member of the A/V niche-digging group OVNI, devslashnull's live work solidifies his sovereignty in the scene. This sonic "pop" is more like a boom!


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