Club Scout

So much for the good old-fashioned jamboree. Its reputation as a hoedown-like haven for the coverall-clad is shot to hell now that Hype Productions is hosting the second Jamboree 303, an event forged with sweat, sex and bodies working the dance floor. Serving up top talent from the electronic-music underground, 303 takes over Club Purple on Saturday, November 30; performers include Satori C and DJs Nutmeg, Ecco, Fury and Arylle. Fronting the flock is Disco D (pictured), a ghetto-tech phenomenon best known for his collaborations with Lords of Acid, 8Ball and Princess Superstar, with whom he produced the sensationalist single "Fuck Me on the Dance Floor." A nice Jewish boy turned sex symbol, D heads both GTI Recordings and Booty Bar Records, produces international hits and is currently working on a full-length album that, he says, will erase the lines between urban and electronica. With all of this DJ genius in one place, you might just let loose with a "Yee-haw."


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