Club Scout

Every year, MTV holds a contest where an average Joe gets to be "VJ for a Day" and enjoy being thrust into the teen consciousness. Some wannabe-VJ winners fade quickly into obscurity, whereas others manage to find their place in pop culture. Ray Munns hopes to remain in the latter category: The winner of the 2000 MTV gig has used that title as an intro to club-music high society. Munns's first compilation, 2001's Ray's House, was one of that year's best-selling dance releases; the Fort Collins resident was also selected for People magazine's list of the fifty most eligible bachelors. Munns's new CD, A DJ's Night Out, adds more hard house to his progressive trance mixes, with less emphasis on vocals through the seventeen tracks. He spins live at Bash on Saturday, January 11, as part of his national tour -- and whether you like his sounds or just hope to test that bachelor status, you'll want to be part of this night out.


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