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Storm the Unpredictable is giving hip-hop a bad reputation: The thirty-something rapper enjoys talking about his family, hanging out at church and working a day job at Montgomery College. The Washington, D.C., native's current hit, "Get Your Weight Up," can be heard on East Coast radio stations, and his name has graced magazines such as Elemental, Rap Sheet and Blaze -- but his biggest source of pride is a performance on Showtime at the Apollo. Not exactly a thug-lifer's resumé. Known for bustin' thought-provoking rhymes as well as stereotypes, the Unpredictable one likes layered music, full bands and fruit juices (he doesn't drink alcohol). Mixing old-school and cutting-edge underground sounds, Storm moves in with a vigorous live show. He performs as part of the Radio 1190 Basementalism feature series on Friday, February 2, at the Larimer Lounge, and Saturday, March 1, at Boulder's Club 156.


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