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If Amon Tobin's music were fine art, it would be a Jackson Pollack painting fueled by crack instead of alcohol, with canvas left exposed. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Tobin moved to Britain in his early teens, right when electro-breakbeat rhythms began replacing reggae and punk. As variations on this sound began to erupt around Europe, Amon began mashing it up, creating layered compositions of sometimes dark, sometimes ethereal and sometimes over-the-top tracks; in his symphonic mixes, wailing horns, insidious metal-guitar solos, galloping bass lines and ambient netting sit on top of genres you forgot ever existed. Three years into a degree in photography in Brighton, England, Tobin was offered a contract with the UK-based Ninebar imprint. After he realeased three EPs and one full-length album under the moniker Cujo, the young trip-hop phenomenon was nabbed by Ninja Tune, which has released four of his critically acclaimed recordings. This edgy jazz enthusiast, purported to be quiet and unassuming, lets the music do the talking, the shouting, the babbling and the speaking in tongues. Tobin will be at the Boulder Theater on Friday, April 25.


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