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From learning piano at age four to playing in punk and indie bands in high school, DJ Sage has always had her hands in music. The native of Northern Ireland has become a queen of drum and bass, and hit after hit emanates from her Phylum Recordings label and its premiere release, Stateside Sessions, Volume 1. Growing popularity with the skateboarding crowd brought Sage a sponsorship from DC Shoes in 1999, and World Party/Moonshine Movies have chosen the mixmaster to appear in the upcoming documentary Three Chicks and a Bag of Tunes. In addition to running the San Francisco club, Eklektic, and promoting her new CD, Drum & Bass Elements 01 (to be released on Moonshine in late May), Sage also writes reviews for BPM Culture magazine. Try to keep up with the busy performer at the Snake Pit on Thursday, May 1.


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