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What to do when you're an aspiring artist/musician who wants to make music in a climate in which seemingly everything interesting has already been done? Do you succumb to the demons of musical recycling, or do you take yourself to a desert island of creativity? Jeph Jerman chose the latter and came back with driftwood -- and shells and rocks and branches and pinecones and seedpods, tools the guitarist uses in his unique performance. That's it: no computers, no vocals, not even any amplification. It's as acoustic as a performer can get. The resulting sound is minimalist and haunting, if scratchy; the quieting, organic (in more ways than one) sounds combined with the laid-back vibe of the Cordell Taylor Gallery are sure to provoke conversation, and even some befuddled head-scratching from those who just don't "get it." Jerman performs on Thursday, May 22, as part of the gallery's Experimental Music Series; also featured is artist Harry Walters, whose work (which consists of "poking holes in walls") is part of the current exhibit, This Year's Model.


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