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Rabbit in the Moon's David Christophere (aka Monk), Steve McClure (aka Confucious) and Bunny (above) have got their live shows and production techniques down to an art. Possibly the only thing that hasn't propelled the group over the top is its reluctance to use the media: In over a decade, RITM has never done an interview with the press. Using a combination of software, synths, Monk's deeply textured DJing and Bunny's performance art insanity, the longstanding bunch of electronic bandits has nonetheless developed recognition on the surface, as well as in the underworld. Deeply involved in the rave and electronic music scenes since the early '90s, the Tampa, Florida-based crew combines theatrics with breaks and melodic, trance-y house. Responsible for original club hits such as "Out of Body Experience" and "Deeper," released on their Hallucination Records imprint, the Rabbit boys have also done remixes for mainstream artists: Sarah McLaughlin, Tori Amos and Smashing Pumpkins have all gone under the Rabbit in the Moon production knife. (McLaughlin once commented that their remix of her hit tune "Fear and Possession" was "too weird." What did she expect?) The trio's live shows involve the usual lighting and backscreen slide shows and also delve into the white-dreadlocked Bunny's bizarre imagination; expect to see costumes that range from straitjackets to Japanese dragons. Rabbit in the Moon, appearing Saturday, June 7, at the Fillmore Auditorium, will deliver the real shock and awe of the summer concert season.


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