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NME calls it "schizoid pop." The bandmembers prefer "electro-pop rockers." Neither term quite captures the essence of Scotland's Serial P.O.P. The four-piece unit, made up of brothers George and Tom McFall, Dave Simandi and Stu Bastiman have chemically fused '80s rhythms, techno beats and indie-rock riffs into a mélange that is surprisingly both edgy and marketable. Proving irresistible even to BBC critics, the group stormed onto the UK music radar and met with little resistance, with the unapologetically brazen five-song EP Fuck You Jack We're Fireproof. The new, full-length White Sex Male, released in April of this year on the Good Science Recordings label, collects danceable sleaze, melancholy grooves and techno inspiration, and sets the concoction on fire through all eleven tracks. Touring the U.S. for the first time, the group hits the 15th St. Tavern this Monday, June 16, letting Denver in on their secret: Serial is killer.


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