Club Scout

Denver hip-hop fans in the know already caught DJ Musa Bailey at the grand opening of the new Club Vibe, located in the Russian Palace (1800 Glenarm Place), this past Sunday, July 6. DJ aficionados are familiar with Bailey, from his early days in Denver to his turntable-battle days to his recent reign in London's scene. Bailey increased his exposure in the past few years, performing on the Chris Rock Show and appearing regularly at New York's Rock Steady Reunion series. The DJ's attention multiplied as a result of his involvement with the controversial war-protest project Not In Our Name. The anti-war organization's single "September 12th" features lyrics penned by spoken-word artist Saul Williams and music by Bailey. Using songs to shout out against American policies, Bailey's multi-ethnic appeal served as an asset to the international success of the song. The Colorado native brings his big-city flava, cultivated in mega-raves and NYC lounges, back home behind the turntables every Sunday night at Club Vibe. Don't miss these good Vibe-rations.


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