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Oscar G's past may be a little murky, having mixed magic with his partner Robbie Falcon as the "Murk Boys" and founded the Murk underground music label, but his future is on the rise at Rise, where he's performing this Friday, December 12. G's Billboard-busting "Dark Beat" has been labeled this minute's club anthem, meaning if you don't like it the first time you hear it, you'll get a couple thousand chances to change your mind. You may hope it's played even more, considering that his past productions managed to please persnickety personalities Jennifer Lopez and Madonna; he's remixed songs for both artists. Chill sub-beats and a deep house undulation make him Miami's hottest resident; the DJ's weekly spot at Space tops the "to do" lists of local scenesters and is a starting point for dance-music virgins. A master of ten-hour sets, G seduces the floor with relentless turntable tricks and smooth track segues, adding spice to the wicked bass grooves and infectious drums that fans love him for. Get a little dark with G and his beats that go thump in the night.


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