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COSM, whose music has been baptized "organic drum and bass," is probably the best thing to ever come out of Salt Lake City (okay, so that's not saying much). What COSM isn't is two turntables and a microphone -- aka, all-digital decks-terity. The foursome mixes live vocals, keyboards and drums with the obligatory samples to cook up a sonorous stew that's both hearty and satisfying. Originally aiming for avant-garde jazz derivative of Coltrane, COSM applies experimentation and free-form creativity to electronica, filling floors with its breakbeat fusion. Large turnouts and appreciative press in their Mormonic home town encouraged the artists to expand their fan base by touring, giving other audiences a slurp of their sound, along with a performance more stimulating than the typical lone headphoned DJ. Swallow a little COSM this Thursday, January 1, when the band hits Dulcinea's with local DJ Dotcom.


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