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Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs was an ooky exposé that explored the depths of some people's depravity, with intermingling touches of creepiness and comedy. And anyone who discredits the dynamic duo in the hip-hop act People Under the Stairs has got to be a "fool." Instead of using their downtime to show off bullet wounds, members Thes One and Double K are usually digging for vinyl gold. Keeping it real on the turntables with looped beats, eschewing flash and flair for the hip-hop basics, PUTS only strikes fear in the hearts of self-styled ghetto posers. Rather than cranking out microwaved albums in quick succession, the guys take their time to create discs flowing with thick, low-rider bass and snappy vocals that crackle and pop. Songs like "Church," from their full-length Or Stay Tuned, are A+ old school, reminiscent of Run-DMC, while other tracks simulate the crisp breeze of highway driving with all the windows down. People's fresh live show hits the Fox Theatre with J-Live and Odd Jobbs, this Tuesday, April 6. Don't be scared.


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