Cody Crump

One of the last places you'd expect atmospheric and uplifting music to emerge would be Montrose, Colorado — but that's where Cody Crump resided until a recent move to Denver. The First Movement is his debut solo release. As a member of post-rock band Edison Gale, Crump honed his ear for hypnotic soundscapes. But rather than opt for the moody, melancholy music of his old band, on Movement Crump explores artistically ambitious pop. For a guy who just graduated from high school, he exhibits surprising creative and emotional maturity on songs such as "Take My Hand," offering the kind of winsome, thoughtful perspective you'd expect from someone who's seen a good deal more of the world. Fans of Jeff Buckley will appreciate the way Crump is able to infuse each song with dark intensity without being overbearing. While many people his age aim to make utterly derivative emo pap, Cody Crump is moving assuredly into the future.


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