Cold Cave

A synth-pop band made up of noise and hardcore vets, Cold Cave debuted in late 2009 with Love Comes Close, a unique collection of frosty, fuzzy, industrial-leaning new wave that boasted a single for the ages in its wistful title track. But where Love Comes Close often felt like a weary sigh, new album Cherish the Light Years, released just this week on Matador, feels like a fist in the air: Once content with a jaded baritone croon, frontman Wesley Eisold now belts like a wet-dream mash-up of Davids Bowie and Gahan, and the band swings for the fences on every single track, creating an album of stadium-sized goth pop that, with its edgy sound and dramatic flair, would have made prime-era Depeche Mode jealous. Check out the Q&A with Eisold at, then don your best leather jacket and head for the Larimer.


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