Colder Than Fargo

Colder Than Fargo has never released a less than excellent record, and Gentlemen Please! is no exception. Displaying a notable level of maturity, the album is marked by songs with surprising depth and inventive textures. Deftly sidestepping subgenres, Fargo tastefully borrows from its influences — particularly on tracks such as the movingly earnest "Space," wherein Andrew Goss's vocals recall Chronic Town-era Michael Stipe — and builds upon the dynamics and diversity of its older work. This time out, the elements have coalesced into even stronger songs, such as "Fistfight," "Midnight Blue" and the lushly gorgeous "Spanish Galleons." Fans of Mercury Rev will appreciate the vivid imagery presented here, while fans of the Czars will appreciate the sheer beauty and emotional power of much of the material.


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