Last year, Coldplay's Chris Martin learned a valuable lesson: Be cautious when invoking the sacred name of Bono. Martin broke this rule just prior to the release of X&Y, telling scribes he wanted the disc to hit U2-esque heights. As a result, critics were waiting for the CD with machetes unsheathed, and many of them took inordinate delight in carving up Martin's lyrics. Granted, the images sprinkled throughout the likes of "Swallowed in the Sea" weren't poppin' fresh, but hit single "Speed of Sound" and other cuts were as effectively anthemic as advertised. This material is actually vast enough to fill the Pepsi Center, where Coldplay will be joined by Fiona Apple, whose surname matches the handle Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow hung on their daughter. With Paltrow preggers again, tabloid types are eager to discover what moniker the couple will slap on their next-born. If they choose "Bono," they deserve what they get.


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