Colfax Speed Queen plays October 27 at the Meadowlark

Maybe the name Colfax Speed Queen refers to a weird alcohol- or amphetamine-induced daydream someone had while doing laundry at Smiley's. Or perhaps it's a reference to some clandestine encounter with a tweaked-out lady of the evening. Whatever the case, here's what we know: Colfax Speed Queen (due on Thursday, October 27, at the Meadowlark) recently released a self-titled EP with Raymond Pettibon-esque cover art that fits the kind of upbeat garage rock and demented vocal flavor you'll experience when you see the band live. And even though there's nothing farcical about the songwriting, you can't help but get the feeling there's a bit of put-on here — as if Fee Waybill had children he doesn't know about who inherited his talent and sense of the absurd.


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