Collapse plays October 8 at Bender's Tavern

Cephalic Carnage, Vale of Pnath, To Be Eaten, Swashbuckle and Rainbowdragoneyes are all names that anyone paying attention to the better end of death metal and grind in Denver should recognize immediately. Some of the guys from those bands got together last year and created Collapse, an outfit that demonstrated in no uncertain terms how you could breathe a little life into extreme music without merely being louder and engaging in superficial mechanical proficiency on your instruments. The bandmembers weave together a burst of sounds that warp around each other in seething rhythms so that you sometimes think they must be using electronic elements somewhere in the mix, but they're not. If Derrick Jensen's Endgame could have official music, it might sound like Collapse (due at Bender's Tavern on Saturday, October 8).


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