Colonel Claypool's Bucket of Bernie Brains

Try as they might, veteran performers tend to mellow with the years -- but Primus's Les Claypool and P-Funk vet Bernie Worrell show few signs of succumbing to this inclination. Along with guitarist Buckethead and occasional Primus drummer Brain, both of whom survived the endless sessions for the alleged Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy and lived to tell about them, they turn The Big Eyeball in the Sky into an aural freakout of significant proportions.

Although Claypool may only know a handful of bass tricks, they're thoroughly enjoyable ones, and they get a boost from his manic energy. The cuts zoom from place to place with loony abandon, yet leave lots of room for Buckethead's string gymnastics, Worrell's happy organ and a pounding Brain. "Junior" supplements these stylings with timely lyrics about George W., who's "gonna drink his oil right out of the can." More typical is "Tyranny of the Hunt," in which "a Petaluma man/Showed his gal a trick/He took a needle full of cocaine/And he shot it in his prick."

No wonder they haven't mellowed.


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