Conjugal Visits will channel 1950s teen rebellion at the hi-dive

Rumor has it that the members of Conjugal Visits live in a place called Wiener Demon Castle. Maybe that's the garage-rock equivalent of saying one's Uzi weighs a ton. Either way, there is definitely a wiseacre, self-deprecating sense of humor underlying the band's garage-rock anthems, which are clearly informed by some mixture of Billy Childish, the Cramps and the Shirelles. At times, the seething, nervous energy from these guys can be unsettling — in the best way. Their latest album, Wittle Lizards, is a perfect example of how the songs take wistful tales of girls and self-medicating semi-loserdom and transform that experience into defiant, punky dance music. The Conjugal Visits (due this Saturday, October 27, at the hi-dive), with their entire aesthetic, including "puke-o-vision" T-shirts, are a celebration of the rebellious 1950s teen without any of the cultural baggage.


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