Conspirator, January 14 at the Fox Theatre

Whether or not you dig the heavily trance-influenced livetronica group the Disco Biscuits, you should give the Biscuits' side project, Conspirator, a fighting chance: Instead of trance-jam-band fusion, Conspirator draws heavily from trance, downtempo and drum-and-bass, creating soundscapes that are eerier, subtler and more interesting to the trained electronica ear. Conspirator uses quick, frantic drum-and-bass-style syncopated drumlines (ranging from tribal-influenced beats to skittering cymbal sounds) for the foundation of most tracks, blending them with ambient, dreamy keys and soaring guitar instrumentals. Re:Creation — the official Disco Biscuits after-party — features Biscuits Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner playing with Chris Michetti, plus Break Science (an excellent hip-hop/drum-and-bass outfit out of New York) with Pretty Lights' Adam Deitch and more. Re:Creation opens at the Fox Theatre at midnight following the Friday, January 14, Disco Biscuits show; it should be the perfect palate-cleanser after several hours of trance-heavy Biscuitry.


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