Cora Vette

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana was not discovered in the 1960s by hippies. Back in the '20s and '30s, vipers were getting mellow by smoking jive — and if none of that terminology sounds familiar, you clearly missed BurlyCute's Reefer Mania show last year. But never fear: Burlesque emcee/madam Cora Vette has put together an album of her vintage pot-related musical finds, which will be released at Bender's Tavern on (when else?) April 20. Kicking off with "The Stuff Is Here" (which clocks in at a wink-wink four minutes and twenty seconds) and wrapping up with a combination number, "All the Jive Is Gone/Reefer Man," the disc features David Nehls on piano and backup vocals for thirteen different tracks. It's not exactly Bob Marley or Snoop Dogg, but fans of swingin' piano music and tongue-in-cheek vocals — and marijuana, of course — will love Smokin' Reefers.


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