Cred Sheet

Album of the Year This Week

Describing the duration of your morning commute by saying "It's about the length of a song on the new Joanna Newsom record."

Okay, maybe a song and a half, if you're taking light rail.


Cred Sheet

This Song Will Change Your Life

Willie Nelson's brash addition to the Mount Olympian pile of "Hallelujah" covers.

Betcha this was Ryan Adams's idea.

Strange Bedfellows

Vanessa Carlton signs to Murder Inc.

The Ja Rule duet is gonna be totally badass.

Video Vanguard Award

J-Shin's perhaps-slightly-too-self-aware clip for "Send Me an E-Mail."

Actual rap lyrics: "This is nothing to LOL about." Also, nice acting job, T-Pain.

Poor Judgment's apparently straight-faced suggestion that there are ten better live albums than Stop Making Sense.


Fashion Oddities

The remarkable similarity between many male presenters and performers at the recent Country Music Awards to David Bowie.

That's a nicer way to put it than "ŒThe Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You'-era Bryan Adams."

Vital Reissue

The utterly essential two-disc deluxe edition of Def Leppard's Hysteria.

Like a strip club in portable form.

Relationship-Destroying Video Game

Oh shit, Guitar Hero II is out.

Gonna be bedridden with pneumonia for, oh, about the next three weeks.

Unfortunate Monikers

Trying to decide which is worse: Swedish songstress Sarah Assbring's real name or her artistic alias, El Perro del Mar.

"You changed your name to Latrine?" "IT USED TO BE SHITHOUSE!!"


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