godheadSilo, with the Melvins, Wednesday, April 12, at the Fox Theatre, is the name chosen by two guys who don't care much for musical frills like harmony and melody: They just wanna rock! Bassist Mike and drummer Dan--a duo so dynamic they don't need a guitarist--kick out the sort of punishing, cataclysmic caterwaul that most of us associate with chainsaws and cattle prods. But they do what they do with such endearing charm and style that before long you'll be champing at the bit to pinch their little cheeks and tell them how cute they are. As for Silo live, the pair call to mind Beavis and Butt-head composing "cool" tunes in their parents' basement, or Wally and the Beav fronting their own death-metal band. Either way, you can be relatively sure that A&R folks hate this stuff. And that makes them a winner in my book.


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