Bracket, with SNFU and the Joykiller, Friday, September 8, at the Glenn Miller Ballroom, contradicts the pundits. The band is proof positive that at least some of today's corporate punk-rock acts are actually better than their forefathers of a decade or two ago. On 4-Wheel Vibe, the band's second release for New York's Caroline label, the Bracket boys churn out meaty, pop-punk ditties like "Circus Act" and "Trailer Park" with all the sonorous, irreverent mirth of the Ramones in their prime. Yet unlike the now-aging Joey, Bracket vocalist Marty actually knows how to sing--a quality that was sorely missing from the music made by the late-Seventies dog-collar-and-mohawk crowd. In my book, that counts for something. After all, I haven't dug an Exploited record from my closet in years, but Vibe seems to be finding its way to my turntable with alarming frequency.


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