Supersuckers, opening for White Zombie and the Toadies, Thursday, November 2, at McNichols Arena, began making tuneful, relentless punk rock back when the members of Rancid had to ask their moms to drive them to the arcade, and they still do it better than practically any other current band. Sacrilicious, the act's latest hookfest on the Sub Pop imprint, proves that point ably: In spite of the loss of guitarist Ron Heathman (his replacement is ex-Didjits grinder Mr. Rick Sims), Eddie Spaghetti and company dish up enough pogo-inducing energy to light up a midsized metropolis, and they do it with a sense of humor that's wilder and more distinctive than most of the Joey Ramone Juniors who've appeared in their wake. So come early and come often--because Supersuckers last a long, long time.


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