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Just how does a one-man musical show expect to entertain an audience at the acoustically sensitive Red Rocks Amphitheatre? Moby will answer that question when he performs at the historic venue September 8 with Rabbit in the Moon. The composer-slash-DJ (né Richard Hall) will have backup vocal help as he attempts to re-create tracks from last years Play, which featured original vocals by the artist as well as instrument-only compositions and some new backings to contemporary (Bodyrock:) and turn-of-the-century (Natural Blues:) releases, earning it decent overexposure on national radio waves. Moby has resisted labels both personal and professional as his social and musical mantras have continued to evolve over the years -- at times colliding with the mainstream, at others soaring beyond it. Whether sung or mixed, though, the sometimes-loud, sometimes-expansive product that comes out of this diminutive figure is always evocative. The show at Red Rocks kicks off a 38-day North American tour of alternative venues.


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