Critic's Choice

Candye Kane, Thursday, December 6, at the Boulder Theater, is a bisexual ex-porn vet, a poster girl for the pleasingly plump and an entertainer extraordinaire. Kane miraculously incorporates her charmingly candid perspective on various vices into one of the most uplifting rhythm-and-blues shows imaginable. Her difference-destroying performances have made her a champion of the world's outcasts and fringers. But while most revivals focus on the price of transgressions, Kane's juke-joint-styled show acknowledges sin while celebrating redemption. Cuter than Drew, more buxom than Dolly and sassy as Big Mama Thornton, she could sell iniquity to Jerry Falwell and make the most randy activities seem as wholesome as ice cream. Add in the fact that she plays the piano with her breasts -- winking all the while -- and you've got a show like no other. Political incorrectness never sounded so good.


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