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Aerosmith, Saturday, January 5, at the Pepsi Center, with Cheap Trick, has been an easy target for years; the headline "Dude Looks Like a Grandpa" appeared in one of Westword's sister papers half a decade ago. But before you start chortling at the image of 53-year-old Steven Tyler spinning around the stage clad in his trademark scarves and blouses ("Dude Looks Like a Grandma" is more like it), consider all the proto-metal supergroups that have gummed the dust since the band's 1970 creation. Feel like checking out Uriah Heep in concert these days? Or maybe Iron Butterfly? How about Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush? The fact is that Aerosmith has churned out more good music for a longer period of time than practically any other hard-rock act of its generation; if its most recent album, last year's Just Push Play, wasn't the body shot fans had hoped for, at least Tyler and company told Glen Ballard where to get off. (Too bad Shelby Lynne didn't do likewise.) So laugh all you want -- but when the boys drag out "Dream On" one more time, keep a Bic lighter handy. You'll need it.


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