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The Athens, Georgia-based duo Jucifer an alt-metal combo comprising Amber Valentine on guitar and her boyfriend, Ed Livengood, on drums mixes up a lethal cocktail of punk, heavy metal and plain ol buzz-saw rawk, redefining Southern gothic. The couple self-released a debut album in 1998 titled Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip, which was later picked up by Velocette Records and re-released in 2000. The lambs EP came out last year, followed by this summers I Name You Destroyer, which continues to showcase Valentines sex-kittenish purring over her thrashing guitar while Livengood beats the living shit out of his kit. This aint mint-julep music; rather, its pure Jack Daniels, sure to leave you bloodied and bruised but begging for more. Jucifer opens for the Melvins word on the street is theyre a pretty good band, too this Saturday, July 6, at the Bluebird Theater and Sunday, July 7, at the Fox Theatre. Isnt love grand?


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