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The band's name is shorter by three letters -- namely R, E and O -- but its songs are getting longer. Though Speedealer used to play twenty songs in under fifteen minutes, its new album, Second Sight, showcases more finesse, maturity and songwriting depth. Some songs on the album even stretch past the four-minute mark. Unchanged, though, is Speedealer's intensity. The Texas-based band is still prone to howling guitars, rough-and-tumble drums and maniacal vocals. Often referred to as "stoner rock," Speedealer's sound takes the dark energy of hardcore and marries it in a midnight ceremony with the LSD-binge despair of Butthole Surfers and the whiskey-soaked, nihilistic joy of Reverend Horton Heat. The result is something vile, greasy and distinctly Texan, but also cathartic. Speedealer appears Saturday, July 13, at the Ogden Theatre with Fu Manchu.


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