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Acoustic Syndicate plays newgrass music for the attention-deficit set, often moving from funk and reggae to rock and plain old blue Kentucky soul within the space of one elongated jam. It's a fusion that's found the North Carolina-based quartet a hearty following among Front Range fans of musical mishmash. The group's also drawn the attention of the reverential roots label Sugar Hill, which will release the band's fourth full-length CD sometime in the spring. And while contemporary 'grass artists -- both traditional and more genre-expanding -- inform the unplugged sound, Acoustic Syndicate is also flavored by brothers Steve and Bryon McMurry's rural upbringing on a farm, where they worked alongside locals and Haitian immigrants who shared their folklore as well as their music. See how they've sown, and exploded, those early seeds on Thursday, January 9, and Friday, January 10, at the Gothic Theatre. Leftover Salmon guitarist/vocalist Vince Herman shares the Syndicate stage.


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