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Living Legends, appearing Wednesday, March 5, at the Fox Theatre, are a grassroots, indie hip-hop phenomenon. A couple of years ago, MCs Sunspot, PSC, Murs and Grouch were selling tapes out of their car trunks. Now, they consistently sell out shows around the world. Working with a loose coalition of fifteen artists who sometimes join them on stage and in the studio, the Legends have also spawned several spinoff groups, including Mystik Journeymen and 3 Melancholy Gypsies. The group also runs its own magazine, UHB -- which stands for "Unsigned and Hella Broke." Shunning the corporate yoke (and the money that goes with it), the California collective has made an art of not only hip-hop, but also of the DIY ethic. Blasting out an unapologetic breed of socially aware flows, the crew members have also learned how to show each other up on Almost Famous, their most recent album, which spotlights everything from Jefferson Airplane samples to thudding bass and guitar lines. They could be heroes.


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