Critic's Choice

Saturday Looks Good to Me, playing at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, June 27, sports a nostalgic streak that, fortunately, is shot through with quirkiness. The combo -- fronted by guitarist/songwriter Fred Thomas and featuring a sizable percentage of the Midwest's indie-rock practitioners -- makes plenty o' references to music's past on All Your Summer Songs, a new disc on the Polyvinyl imprint. But the context is always contemporary, and wit and smarts are present in abundance on tracks such as "Underwater Heartbeat," a blend of lo-fi, sunshine pop and dub that sounds as if it was recorded at the bottom of a well, and the mournful and melodramatic title song, keyed by the lyrical question "When did we both realize that all our summer songs could only last so long?" Clearly, Thomas and his comrades are growing up fast, yet another reason why Saturday Looks Good to Me.


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