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Karma involves the cosmic principle of rewards and punishments for acts performed in this life or a previous incarnation (think of Abu Ghraib prison hostess Lynndie England coming back as a rat terrier that gets kicked a lot). Karmageddon 2004, slated for Saturday, May 22, at the Aztlan Theater, will feature an all-ages sonic comeuppance of sorts -- but without all the waiting around. Boasting more ambient talent than you can shake a broom handle at, the showcase features space rockers Orbit Service, ethereal synth-pop outfit Drop the Fear, and the dark, experimental electronica of Blackcell and Robot Mandala. On deck between sets will be the down-tempo, chill stylings of DJs Gabriel and Homespun. To further integrate media and emotion, a gallery in the foyer will celebrate the works of Denver-based visual artists Ryan Policky, Heather Fiebing, Joe Jackson, Dennis Swanson, Stacey Morris and Matt Meinhardt. Instant karma's gonna get you.


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