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There's probably enough hair between the members of Throcult to braid Lucifer a sick pair of suspenders -- assuming that Ol' Horny ever bothers to wear pants. For the rest of demonkind, however, the Halloween season presents a fashionable opportunity (with or without trousers) to take a walk on the dark side. Headlining a black mass that features New Mexico's Victimas plus local thrash acts Satan's Host and Skalafrea, Throcult hits the stage Sunday, October 31, for a CD-release show at the Bluebird Theater. The band's ungainly titled second full-length, Stormbringer -- Conjuration of the Nighthorde, might not rewrite the textbook on black metal, but it certainly boasts an impressive array of blast beats and scowling vocals. Recorded by Flatline Audio's Dave Otero (the studio ace behind local luminaries Cephalic Carnage, Corruption and Serberus), Nighthorde assaults the senses with technically aggressive six-string gymnastics and primal intensity. After countless personnel changes, frontman/guitarist Ivan Alcala, guitarist Nick Jackson, bassist Dave Borush and drummer David Csicsely have finally found Throcult's most effective formula for sonic insanity: brutal riffs, double kicks and a fierce dedication to going for the throat. Who needs culture?


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