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Few local bands explode out of your stereo the first time you slap their discs in -- especially if they're as new as Le Boom. But even though the foursome has only been extant for a few months, its members have been around the block, and then some: Bassist/singer Maylyn Martinez and guitarist Kyle Loving were recently in Doozer, and Loving fronted both the Ray-Ons and Jealous Ex-Lovers; Tyler Dokken drummed for Tinker's Punishment (now the Films) as well as Fort Collins's Knee Jerk; bassist Dave Moore was a member of the infamous Foreskin 500. But Le Boom isn't riding on any pedigree. It's all about the instant, incendiary appeal of pure power pop. Drawing from an early-'80s pantheon that includes such bubblegum-punk legends as the Go-Gos, the Knack and the Romantics, the group isn't afraid to augment its sugar-rush riffs with the occasional microchip of Le Tigre-style electro -- or, for that matter, a reverently strummed rendition of the Beach Boys' "In My Room." Martinez and crew will be celebrating the release of their eponymous debut on Saturday, December 18, at the Bluebird Theater, alongside the Gamits, who will be honoring this town with one last kick-ass performance before breaking up. Get ready to detonate.


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