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If you listen to "Pure," a track from the upcoming full-length by Denver electronica duo Adrenaline Sky, you'd never guess it was born a funk tune. Eric Smith wrote it years ago in his first group, Exit 232, and has resurrected it in every band he's been involved with since. The song's current incarnation, though, is more in the Sky's style: a sultry, supple mesh of trip-hop and synth-pop that recalls an upgraded Yaz or a less severe Massive Attack. A huge part of the appeal are the vocals of Shannon Alexander, whose feather-soft murmur adds a human pulse to Smith's twitchy techno. The two have been performing together for a year, and the aforementioned album, The Ultimate Illusion of Privacy, is set to be unleashed in early 2005. Adrenaline Sky will plug in at the Cherry Pit on Thursday, December 23, accompanied by the infectious local electro outfit Vulpes. Stop by and get wired.


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