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Just a few short months ago, Superstring Theory was a band without a head or legs. Comprising a mere two members -- Justin Reinking on synthesizer and Todd Houston on guitar -- the outfit plied an atmospheric instrumental noise crippled by a lack of vocals or drums. But besides setting up a trap kit on stage for Reinking to occasionally augment his digital beats, the group recently enlisted acoustic performer Jeff Eyser to take up frontman duties. The result is Same Damn Story, Superstring Theory's brand-new debut release. The three-track EP mashes fluttering electro with gargantuan, effects-processed guitar hooks that recall M83, Head Automatica and even Bright Eyes' Digital Ash in a Digital Urn. The results aren't perfect -- the disc's textures often clash instead of jell, and some of Eyser's lyrics border on emo inanity -- but the band (which will perform Saturday, May 28, at Forest Room 5) puts its back and soul into crafting an original sound and presence in the Denver scene. Hopefully with just a bit more polish, this promising Theory will be proven overwhelmingly right.


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