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From its sheepish little corner of the stable, Mutton kicks up enough noise to run with the bulls. But judging from both its debut disc, Organicism, and the follow-up EP, The Other Red Meat, the Denver-based trio seems just as happy to chew its cud in loving tribute to Minneapolis freak-punk outfit the Cows. Less cartoonish, but revealing an appetite for odd song titles like "Linguae Masticus" and "100% RDA Enlightenment," the band infuses vague melodies with impenetrable feedback, streamlining a sound that recalls the dense, two-chord drone and propulsive rhythms of early Sonic Youth. On its latest effort, Warm Beige Sheen (which will be unveiled this Saturday, August 27, at Bender's Tavern, with turns from Nightingale and the Sleepers), Mutton splits its time covering Peter, Paul and Mary and singing its own songs about balding politicians, million-dollar faces and some guy called Comrade Montoya. While it's not quite an acquired taste, feel free to pack some mint jelly, just in case.


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