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Things have recently come full circle for Voices Underwater. After playing South by Southwest and putting out an acclaimed self-titled album in 2003, the Denver outfit added two new members: guitarist Ian O'Dougherty of Uphollow and drummer Larry Joireman. Both left, though, after completing a new disc, Trip the Light Fantastic (whose unveiling will be celebrated Friday, September 2, at the hi-dive, with d. biddle and Home Recording Project). Picking up where the last full-length left off, Trip was scheduled for release by Action Driver Records, the imprint the band has been signed to for the past three years. But when the company went under last month, VU found itself label-less and hand-packaging its own CDs, just as it did during its formative years. Despite the setback, core constituents Ben Devoss and Chris White have recruited skin-pounder Morgan McDevitt of Shimmersound and coaxed O'Dougherty temporarily back into the fold. If the progressive, richly textured pop of Trip is any indication, Voices Underwater won't be held down for long.


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